fresh-ercise training page
fresh-ercise training page

Flatten those lockdown curves with Fresh-ercise!

Introducing Fresh-ercise – the order-in workout from Fishaways. We know you’ve been staying home, day-in and day-out, all to flatten that curve. But maybe you’ve noticed some other lockdown curves starting to form… That’s why we developed Fresh-ercise with a team of experts who are all fully qualified in pumping up the fun factor while staying home!

It all starts with making the Better Choice, so order any of our delicious and nutritious meals and burn off those lockdown curves with Fresh-ercise while you ‘weight’. Our meals are available for delivery to your door, kerbside delivery, collection or takeaway – it’s your choice!

Check out our Fresh-ercises

Squid Squat

Never skip leg day! Get a couple Squid Squats in before your delivery arrives so you can strut it out to the front gate with confidence.

Hake Flip

Do the Hake Flip and your neighbours will flip out for your new front gate bod when you venture out to collect your meal!

Calamari Curl

Any weather is tank top weather when you’ve been keeping up with your Fresh-ercise! Get those biceps ripped with the Calamari Curl.

Prawn Pop

Cardio is so 2019! Make the Better Choice and flatten those lockdown curves with the Prawn Pop!

Shrimp Stretch

Yoga classes shut down for a while? No worries! Work on your flexibility with the Shrimp Stretch!

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Famous Brands Management Company, its subsidiaries, officers, directors and employees do not accept any liability whatsoever and shall not be liable for any damages arising from personal or bodily injuries (including death) sustained by any person, (or the destruction of or damage to any property), arising from performing any moves or actions contained in the “flatten your curves” promotional videos (referred to as the “Promotional Videos”). Any persons attempting to perform or performing any moves or actions contained in the Promotional Videos does so entirely at their own risk. It is understood that the Promotional Videos are meant for advertising purposes during the challenging times caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. The Promotional Videos utilize light-hearted satire and fun to encourage Fishaways customers to order healthier options in order to “flatten your curves” by introducing “fresh-ercise – the order in workout”. The customer thus accepts and assumes full responsibility for any and all injuries, damages (both economic and non-economic), and losses of any type, which may occur whilst performing any moves contained in the Promotional Videos