U1 Grilled Hake Veg Stirfry

Grilled Hake & VEG Stir-Fry

Grilled medium hake & veg stir-fry*

Honey Soy Fish Pot

Grilled basa fish strips, rice
& veg stir-fry* with honey soy sauce

U2 Honey Soy Fish Pot
U5 Honey Soy Fish Wrap

Honey Soy Fish Wrap

Grilled basa fish strips, veg stir-fry*
& honey soy sauce in a tortilla wrap

Rainbow Shrimp Salad

Grilled shrimp, peppers, carrots, spring onion, cabbage & corn served with a honey soy dressing

U6 Rainbow Shrimp Salad

*contains peppers, onion, cabbage, carrots, spring onion & corn

Calorie counts do not include extra dressings, custom orders and additional condiments.
Available at Standard Restaurants only. Click here for nutritional info.