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Live your best life with our Fresh Seafood Meals


Living your best life is about giving it your all and doing it your way, however you decide to and no matter what others think. So, what does your best life mean for you? Is it the feeling you get when you choose a fresh salad, or is it indulging in a crispy-fried snack? Is your best life shared with friends and family, or is it those moments of quiet relaxation? No matter what your best life looks like, there’s a freshly prepared seafood takeaway meal from Fishaways to complement it.


favourite takeaway
Fish & chips

We know everybody loves a classic fish and chips. It’s the perfect indulgence, covered in crispy batter and fluffy inside. But we offer so many other choices when it comes to takeaway seafood meals.

Choose to enjoy your hake grilled or fried, with rice or salad. How about some onion rings or a sauce on the side? You can also choose prawns or calamari if you’d like! We give you so many choices so that you can live your best life, however you like.

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Fresh seafood platters Made to share

We always say that the best life is better shared. The same thing goes for fresh seafood platters! We’ve got sharing meals for 2, 3, 4, or more that come with hake, prawns, or calamari and a range of sides for the whole family. When you don’t feel like cooking, we’ve got dinner covered.

The healthier takeaway

The words healthy and takeaway don’t usually go together, but at Fishaways we offer you healthier choices on our Under 500 Calorie seafood menu. These tasty meals combine the lean protein from grilled fish with healthier, flavourful salads or veggie rice.


Food with

With all the variety on our seafood menu, making the better choice for your own special dietary needs is easy! We have meals for one, two, three, four or more, because we know that your best life is better when shared. We give you the choice between grilled or fried hake and ask if you’d like it served with rice, chips, or salad. But, apart from making food that’s better for you, we also make food that’s better for the environment and better for local communities too.

We make FOOD WITH THOUGHT: That means that every choice we make is be the better one – from our responsible sourcing to our fully recyclable packaging. We aim to uplift local farming and food-producing communities through long-standing and meaningful relationships that benefit everybody. So, make your choice from our seafood menu, and know it’s the better one.

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